Hitachi mini-excavators ZX26U-5A

Hitachi mini excavators

New mini excavators, Hitachi has earned the trust of around the world due to its efficiency and the use of the latest technologies. Compact machinery Zaxis 5 series And has a small turn radius back, so actively used in works in small venues: shopping malls, tunnels, underground car parks. They are ideal for laying communications and communication lines, road works and landscaping and landscape design.

The advantages of mini excavators Zaxis series 5 And

High operational efficiency. Despite the compactness, special equipment is ready to cope with the work on any site, thanks to the large operating range. Control levers with hydraulic servo make the movement of the working equipment as smooth and easy as possible. Also the model is equipped with a powerful environmentally friendly engines and systems neutral start the engine.

Comfortable working conditions of the operator. Hitachi engineers have developed an ergonomic and functional workplace. In the layout of the controls, designers, first of all, thought about inexperienced operators. In the cockpit is a bright display, which is very well read information, both in bright light and in the dark.

Hitachi launched a new mini-excavators ZX26U-5A, in which the engineers have reduced fuel consumption and cycle time. This greatly improved the performance.

Mini excavator Hitachi ZX26U-5A is ideal for many working sectors:

  • utilities
  • construction
  • Foundation works,
  • improvement,
  • landscaping
  • implementation of projects on dismantling in confined areas.

This model has the smallest turning radius in its class, so it is considered the perfect solution for maneuvering in tight spaces. Also it can be easily transported between sites, it slips easily into a trailer for up to 3.5 tons.

Main features of mini-excavator

The ease of operation. Even if you are a first time car or renting it for a specific project, then the controls will seem painfully simple and clear. The layout of these elements is made in such a way that the machinery can manage even the new operator.

Low noise level. Compared to other brands of mini excavators that have a very low noise level which makes working much more pleasant and comfortable.

Functional workspace. All levers and switches are very compact and convenient. The information with the bright LCD display is read in a cursory glance.

Good review. Has been improved overview of the work area, because the developers have increased the area of the windshield. To improve visibility, the cabin is glazed on all four sides reinforced with glass.

Easy maintenance. Thanks to easy access to engine, hood, radiator, redesigned tank cap, and several other superior technical aspects and maintenance of the car is extremely simplified and accelerated.

Smooth operation of the equipment. Transmission with hydraulic servo mechanism ensures smooth running of the excavator, and smooth rotation of the platform and also ensures uniformity in the management of work equipment and the movement of the blade.


  • ModelZX26U-5A
  • Rated power (ISO), kW / HP14.5 mm / 19,4 @ 2,500 rpm
  • Operating weight, kg2 770
  • Bucket capacity heaped (ISO), m30,07 – 0,08
  • Maximum digging depth, mm2 590
  • Maximum working height mm4 280
  • Maximum digging radius, mm4 630
  • The cutting force of the soil bucket (ISO) kN22,3