9 cars, driving them dangerous to drive

When choosing a car, you should pay special attention not only to its price and some technical characteristics, but also his behavior on the roads and safety in the event of an emergency. When people are choosing a car, whether a hybrid car or old pickup truck, they want to know what kind of car will be able to provide them with security. The article presents a list of the 9 most dangerous models of cars on the roads. Believe me, you wouldn’t want to be behind the wheel of one of them. Buick When it comes to bad safety ratings of the car, you can safely think about Buick. If you were in a Buick Randezvous 2007, when it was released — you are a very lucky man. However, a lot of people wanted to have this car, largely thanks to a powerful advertising campaign with tiger woods, which was very popular at that time in America. Randezvous of the most vulnerable parts are the head-on collision and security in the salon. No wonder that the manufacturer fairly quickly abandoned this model, and in 2008 ceased to produce it.This shows that Buick is able to make the right decisions, learning from mistakes. Other car models of this brand was developed taking into account all the nuances and began to meet the requirements of safety of the driver and passengers.


In 2008 you could find yourself at the dealership ready to sign all documents, and all because of the good-looking pickup truck with extended cabin, which became extremely popular that year. In 2008, there were a lot of different pickups, but in the “Chevrolet Colorado” with an extended cab you would be wouldn’t (and next too). This is one of the largest machines in the list of vehicles that represents a pure risk. According to the statistics of incidents involving the “Colorado,” a million drivers accounted for 93 deaths.The vast majority — 54 million — of the incident with one vehicle, due to the motion problems with the management or brake system failure. This data is able to scare anyone who is related to driving. If you try to sell or trade this truck, it will face great difficulties, due to the fact that the information about the insecurity of this car is known in wider circles. In addition, the drivers of this car at the moment suffer from increased rates for insurance specifically for this model.


Although many people believe that Ford is one of the safest car brands, we have to dispel this myth. When Ford Ranger the all-wheel drive with extended cab just came out, everyone was shocked by the abominable safety record of the car. The phrase “hard to make Ford” was inappropriate here. Ranger had an increased risk of tip over: 30 % of the accidents while driving occurred because of this fault, and not because of a collision with another road user. This is definitely a record.The lack of side airbags was only adding to what machine of death were on that truck. In the end, he got one of the lowest safety ratings we’ve ever seen. I suggest you pass by this car and look for something else if you don’t want your insurance you ruined.


You could say that Nissan is one of those manufacturers whose cars for a long time did not cause Vau-effect. In 2005, this effect was achieved only in a negative way: the Nissan Versa Sedan was the most dangerous car on the roads. Articles about automobile safety, it was celebrated as very dangerous due to its low handling and multiple single accidents with a fatal outcome. A million vehicles accounted for 60 deaths in accidents involving the Versa and it is too much to consider this car safe and be recommended to even experienced drivers. If you have such a machine, and it is still intact, I advise you to move on to something else, for your own safety.


Currently Hyundai in security issues at a high level. Their Accent is one of the safest cars, but it was not always so. Hyundai Tiburon second generation (2005-2008) dramatically lowered the reputation of the brand in the eyes of many motorists. 96 fatalities per million cars, and, as in the case with the Nissan Versa, the majority of them in accidents involving a single vehicle.Since then, Hyundai has come a long way from the unsafe cars, but many of us still never get rid of neglect in relation to the Hyundai, because they formed its image with “Tiburon”.


Brand, and for failing to make a serious name because its prices above the lower segment, but the luxury to carry it is impossible. Scion has got to this list because of the mismatch of price and quality indicators. In 2016 about half of the produced cars had all five stars in safety rating, but only about 38 % of their models were competitive. Add to that the fact that Scion will not be able to match other cars with the same equipment, and you will see how the problem is growing.Scion produces about 85 % of their cars on the street without any, even the most primitive security system. Visiting the automotive market, you probably will be able to see only beaten copies of the Scion. When the company does not care about its consumer, the consumer had to stop caring about the company.


Despite your good advertising campaigns, which were attended by icons of pop culture and NBA stars, cars of the Korean manufacture KIA will forever remain in the list of the worst producers of the middle of the last decade. From 2005 to 2008 KIA Spectra Wagon was produced, which proved to be very accessible in terms of price machine of death. The drivers were killed with a frequency of 102 people per million cars, of which 63 were killed in an accident involving several cars.With such a terrifying underlying security, the company needed several years to respond today, manufacturers have completely remedied the situation. KIA even in the basic version have everything you need for the safety of all road users.


Another famous car maker, appeared in our list. Almost 85 % of the cars Ram was not able to obtain a five-star rating according to the national safety administration highway traffic (NHTSA). While companies like GMC, in the event of unsatisfactory results, quickly corrected. Ram didn’t do anything, continuing to lag behind non-luxury brands that offer a safe cars.62 % of the cars Ram do not have any security system in the event of a collision, which has caused the death of huge numbers of people who are not fortunate to become the owner of this car. It should be noted that on average 79 % of vehicles have an excellent safety record and is equipped with everything can ensure the safety of drivers and passengers in the event of an emergency.


Mini has inferior safety records among major brands, and only 10% of vehicles from the lineup of 2016 scored awards from the insurance Institute for highway safety (IIHS). On average, these awards receives about 31 % of non-luxury manufacturers. Against this background, the Mini does not look very convincing. Serious problems with the control of the blind zones, and the lack of serious protection systems in the collision makes the car very unattractive to trust them with our lives and the lives of our loved ones.
Today, the automotive market can offer a huge number of vehicles that meet all the security settings, so better stop your choice on them.