A new line of flexible Meyle-CD clutches

In the assortment of Meyle AG products, a new line of Meyle-HD flexible couplings has appeared.

According to the company representatives, the new products appeared thanks to the joint efforts of Meyle and Boge Elastmetall GmbH, which specializes in the development of vibration-related automotive applications. According to the developers, the new couplings will last longer than the products of other manufacturers currently on the market. A new line of flexible Meyle-HD couplings

In the aftermarket car market, the updated Meyle-HD clutch range will appear as repair kits, which will include all the necessary fasteners.

The increased performance of the new parts is due to the use of a special rubber compound in their production, which is designed for operation at temperatures up to 130 ° C. In addition, there is a special heavy-duty thread inside the part.

Thanks to the innovative technology of winding and materials with increased compression and stretching characteristics, internal friction is reduced. More elaborate winding of the special thread significantly increases the strength characteristics of the product.

To date, the market offers 22 names of flexible Meyle-HD couplings. The entire product line covers over 19 million vehicle models worldwide. In the company Meyle AG declare that in the future they plan to expand the range of their products.