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Jul 20

Tourists — in body: in Austria, anyone can ride on dumpers

I think the dump truck is a utilitarian thing, all of life which passes under the load of rocks in the quarries? Of course, it is, but as it turned out, there is an exception! In the Austrian town of Erzberg is acting career. And you can even visit with a guided tour. And as […]

Jun 15

Volvo has updated the loaders L90H

As it became known at the international specialized exhibition World of Asphalt in Houston, Volvo Construction Equipment has introduced wheel loader L90H new generation. The model has a high fuel efficiency and ease of maintenance. The loader is equipped with an updated transmitter and the torque Converter. In addition, the novelty is equipped with […]

May 04

Browse the largest tractors in the world

The construction of the huge size of equipment not caused by the pursuit of records, and the desire to improve the performance and impact of its work. Therefore, one should not be surprised that the size of dump trucks many times higher than conventional trucks. The same goes for special and agricultural machinery. For special […]

Apr 14

Machinery crawler from the company Hyundai

One of the leaders in production of construction equipment is a Korean firm Hyundai. The company manufactures different models in weight categories from 11 to 50 tons. Excavator crawler Hyundai due to the wide Shoe paths may carry out ground works, regardless of the steepness of the slope, which does not affect the stability of […]

Mar 25

Delphi invests in new capacitors for electric vehicles

Delphi Technologies PLC announced an investment in PolyCharge America Inc., which was created to commercialize the new capacitor technology. This technology allows to make high-power converters more compact, lighter and more resistant to high temperatures. The converter is a very important element of an electric vehicle designed to control an electric traction motor. Manufacturers of […]

Mar 06

A new line of flexible Meyle-CD clutches

In the assortment of Meyle AG products, a new line of Meyle-HD flexible couplings has appeared. According to the company representatives, the new products appeared thanks to the joint efforts of Meyle and Boge Elastmetall GmbH, which specializes in the development of vibration-related automotive applications. According to the developers, the new couplings will last longer […]