Browse the largest tractors in the world

The construction of the huge size of equipment not caused by the pursuit of records, and the desire to improve the performance and impact of its work. Therefore, one should not be surprised that the size of dump trucks many times higher than conventional trucks. The same goes for special and agricultural machinery. For special equipment restriction serve only the technological capabilities, which is why the biggest tractor in the world are used in mining and construction work. But the increase in agricultural units is limited by the need to preserve the fertile soils from damage.

As evidenced by our selection of the biggest tractors in the world.

King quarries

Championship in the category of special equipment owned by a Japanese crawler bulldozer Komatsu D575A. The model was first presented 1981, but the series production began only 10 years later. Then a bulldozer equipped with an engine power of 1150 HP and 12.7 m long, interested mining companies. It’s not the biggest machine in the world, working in a career, but the sizes are impressive.

The unit is equipped with water-cooled engine with direct fuel injection and turbo. With its powerful engine and blade height of 3.63 m and a width of 7,39 m. it is able to move the rock by volume of 70 cubic meters. In the options for the Komatsu D575A can set the blade height of 5 and a width of 11.7 meters.

Europe’s largest

Chelyabinsk T-800 was the largest tractor in Europe is not accidental. It amounts to 12,4 m. the length and width of 4.2 m. the mass of the aggregate reaches 106 tons, 30% of which falls on the attachments.

The movement of the machine results in the engine producing 820 HP, equipped with an intercooler and a gas turbine intercooler. Transmission is 4-forward and 2 reverse gears. Dozer is intended for mining operations or construction involving significant earthworks. Today there were only 10 cars.