• Function

● The extended track ensures low ground pressure, high reliability and strong traction, which contributes to the accuracy of the work;
● Transmission switchable under load, not only provides smooth shifting power, but also reaches target speeds and carries out a change of direction with a single control lever;
● the Wet clutch turn and brake can extend service life. They work interactively, ensuring quick and flexible steering operations;
● the Single control lever can control all blade actions;
● The drift sealing in the drive wheel, support roller and support roller will not allow dust to penetrate the crawler system, and prevent the leakage of lubrication, which ensures long service life;
● hexagonal cabin is a broad overview, and insulation materials in the cabin help to reduce noise and vibration;
● Fuel filter screw-on type and the dust separator, air filters and other filtration devices help to extend the working time and reduce service time;
● The comfortable cab seat can adjust up and down, forward and backward, which meets any operator’s needs;
● side engine and the combination of control systems of drive and brake, and foot brake make the overall operation of the bulldozer more rapid and convenient.

L×W×H(Without Ripper) mm 4492×3185×2950
Operating weight(Without Ripper) t 13.7
Engine Shangchai
Rated power kW/rpm 95.5/1900
Allowable slope  0 30
The type of blade Straight angle
angle blade
The width of the blade mm Straight rotary
blade 3185×1090
angle blade
The capacity of the blade m3 Straight rotary
blade 3.7
angle blade 3.4
Penetration of blade mm 590
The blade lift mm 930
The type of Ripper Treasury Ripper
Penetration Ripper mm 467
Lifting height of Ripper mm 559
Number of carrier rollers(each side) 2
Number of track rollers(each side) 6
Number of track shoes(each side) 38
The width of the truck mm 460
Track width mm 1880
Length and ground pressure mm/MPa 2365/0.063
Step mm 190
Front speed km/h 0-3.2
Rear speed km/h