CASE introduced the industry’s first compact bulldozer-loader

At the exhibition CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2017 the company CASE Construction Equipment introduced the industry’s first compact bulldozer-loader DL450. The new embodies the best of performance and work tools compact track loader (CTL) and power crawler bulldozer.

The DL450 is designed jointly by the manufacturer skid steer loaders, CASE and the research center of CNH Industrial. The new dozer loader, combining the latest and traditional design and technology, creating a whole new grocery category.

“In 1957, we turned an entire industry, introducing the world’s first fully integrated backhoe loader,” said Scott Harris, Vice-President of North America, CASE Construction Equipment.- “A compact bulldozer-loader DL450 is the same new – and future-oriented, practical innovation that will provide a real benefit to many customers, from contractors engaged in landscaping and need to be strengthened moving and levelling soil, to businesses operating in residential and commercial construction, interested to be on one platform and versatility and double functionality.”

Developing a new product, Case said more than 30 new patents. A key feature of the DL450 is a C-shaped dozer frame which is mounted by means of the fingers directly on the chassis of the machine. This ensures the stability and smooth running, and all the workers efforts are transmitted through the chassis of the machine, not through its loading rocker.

a bulldozer-loader DL450 CASE

In addition, the C-shaped frame can be disconnected from the chassis and rasstegivat like any other removable gun, the machine works as a standard loader CTL.

If previously, when using dozer guns on CTL and SSL carried out the transfer of working forces through the coupling device and the loading arm, the new machine provides an authentic bulldozer quality work without swing the rocker arm, with strict observance to the plane of alignment, with the efficiency of the present 6-way blade, which developed a new management bodies.

Among other important design features of note the main body built on the chassis of TV380 – the largest and most powerful loader CTL in the family CASE – with the additional increase in size to cope with heavy loads.

The designers have made the cockpit and the control console such that operators and skid steer loaders, and bulldozers began to feel the familiar atmosphere. The controls of the bulldozer is provided with a shaking blade and the angle adjustment of the blade.

To the car attached the counterweight suspension is different steel tracks with grousers, and added a fifth roller for better traction (on CTL standard is four-roller) and increased ground clearance to reduce the likelihood of jamming.

“The project DL450 is a perfect way to celebrate the 175th anniversary of the CASE,” said Harris. “We are proud of all the equipment presented at the exhibition CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2017, but it’s probably the greatest reflection of our continuity in the development of viable and practical solutions for the earthmoving industry.”