Category: Auto News

Aug 20

Cummins confirmed a course on the electrification of

The company is expanding activities in the field of electrification with the acquisition of the supplier of hybrid and electric powertrain company, Efficient Drivetrains. The closing of the transaction is expected in the third quarter. The company has been developing power plants for the female hybrids and all-electric buses and trucks. In this direction plans to […]

Aug 17

Recalls Isuzu Giga Japanese

The company announced a review 7413 trucks Giga because of the threat of fuel leakage. In opinion included Isuzu Giga made in the period from may 25, 2017 may 24, 2018. At the end of last week, Isuzu notified the Japanese Ministry of land, infrastructure and transport, noting that the cause was a malfunction of […]

Jul 20

Tourists — in body: in Austria, anyone can ride on dumpers

I think the dump truck is a utilitarian thing, all of life which passes under the load of rocks in the quarries? Of course, it is, but as it turned out, there is an exception! In the Austrian town of Erzberg is acting career. And you can even visit with a guided tour. And as […]

Mar 25

Delphi invests in new capacitors for electric vehicles

Delphi Technologies PLC announced an investment in PolyCharge America Inc., which was created to commercialize the new capacitor technology. This technology allows to make high-power converters more compact, lighter and more resistant to high temperatures. The converter is a very important element of an electric vehicle designed to control an electric traction motor. Manufacturers of […]

Mar 06

A new line of flexible Meyle-CD clutches

In the assortment of Meyle AG products, a new line of Meyle-HD flexible couplings has appeared. According to the company representatives, the new products appeared thanks to the joint efforts of Meyle and Boge Elastmetall GmbH, which specializes in the development of vibration-related automotive applications. According to the developers, the new couplings will last longer […]