Charm construction dump truck Volvo FMX

Undoubtedly, the most resounding presentation of the exhibition “BAUMA 2013” was a demonstration of the new construction truck Volvo FMX. Of course, to present the world premiere of the forum, but still such a large, troublesome, but if the novelty is significant, it’s worth it.

The massive crowd of visitors on the first day of the exhibition was the stand of Volvo in hall C4. Of course some exhibits tend to attract looks and even charm. But on this day (April 15, 2013) nothing is so fascinated, as hidden under a white canvas construction truck, illuminated by spotlights. Unknown – attractive. Someone tried to paint the image of new construction machinery at the appearing shape, and the most impatient groped a car through the veil.

President of Volvo Trucks Claes Nilsson, Volvo FMX is a new generation

Volvo traditionally provided incognito the new model, therefore, among the journalists wandered one not so important question: whether to keep building the truck the external features presented in the spring of 2010 FMX or will inherit the new look shown in the fall of 2012 tractor FH. Second, was considered by many to be less likely, although six months ago, the Volvo has stated that this line is General.

All the questions were thrown with a white blanket that hid the new Volvo FMX. Before the audience appeared a typical representative of the family FM with all details. But something in his look appeared attractive, a certain charm, which was not the car of the previous generation. And this feeling was intensified when on a huge screen began to show the car in the dynamics. For powerful construction truck he was moving too fast and for no reason easy.So he drove to the quarry, that front loader bucked him in the back several buckets of rocky ground, causing the car swayed slightly, so he also cheerfully went back, despite the full load. Is it will in reality?

Of course it is impossible to evaluate a car intended for transportation of construction materials, on an emotional level. But to deny the emotional side of perception is not worth it, after all, is only a confirmation of the integrity and reliability seen. Volvo’s designers say that in the process of working on the new FMX has been implemented many innovative solutions that allowed us to make a huge step forward in all the most important areas: reliability, manageability and design. And all this work is undertaken not for the truck and for the driver.

Creating a workplace where team of designers Volvo really thought about the person

To reduce the risk of damage to the vehicle and enhance the safety of the driver cabin relative to the chassis set low, which provides the best panoramic view.

As new family models, FH and FM, Volvo Iron Mark logo became a bit larger, diagonal band, of course, also thicker and painted with the black background. Volvo Iron Mark has moved significantly higher and is now located directly below the windshield.

All of these modifications improved the visual perception of the car – not a very important factor, but pleasant.

A large man on a workplace of the driver does not feel discomfort

Undisputed strength

The vast majority of change elements of the truck did not happen by chance, they are aimed at strengthening its strength, since the machine is designed for heavy construction works. To improve driver safety frame of the cab of the new Volvo FMX is made of high-strength steel.

A lot of good to say about the bumper. It now consists of three separate sections: the middle raised edge is made of elastic material practicepage. From the point of view of possible risks is a wise decision. On the background of the cab, the bumper is very noticeable, all the elements can be easily removed and replaced, and, in General, it is useful not only as protection of the car, but as a convenient step.

New headlights design are curved lines. In some ways they have inherited the best features of the new family FH: one block far and driving lights and daytime running lights are arrow-shaped. Unit covered with metal mesh and shockproof grate. In General, everything for construction, everything for the result.

The space above the windscreen is fully occupied, same layout in the new FH trucks, but there above the cabin
Nice item – a niche for small things and the glass near the passenger seat

The cab interior changed thoroughly. It is made of quality materials, but visually has become easier, although amended a number of new features. Of course, the new design of interior decoration of the cabin was based on the preferences of the drivers. Therefore, the cabin is slightly roomier, and therefore more convenient. Let’s see, so the designers have achieved such a result.

Driver’s seat backrest is thinner by 10mm and has more adjustments. The new instrument panel is black in color, it has become even more ergonomic. To increase the space available for the legs, it was decided to move the socket key, the starter closer to the dashboard. To the right of the nest to spread a part of important functional elements, such as a large built-in information display. Also to the right of the bent sections placed universal module with support for various controls.

And of course around the driver’s seat a great many storage compartments.

The steering wheel is multifunctional, it is equipped with integrated control buttons for multiple functions, including cruise control, phone, navigation system and much more. In General, inside the cabin created a well thought-out and logical work space.

Entrance to the cabin standard that requires some muscle. Colors of interior doors harmonizes with the colour of the seats – a trifle, but nice!

Impeccable handling

According to company President of Volvo Trucks Claes Nilsson, who opened the presentation, the most revolutionary system of the new Volvo FMX is Volvo Dynamic Steering is a wonderful tool, especially for the construction driver. Thanks to this functionality, even at low speeds fully loaded car can be controlled with one finger. In General, the driver at management of the heavy car will exert less physical effort, thereby reducing the load on the neck, arms and back.The designers promise the excellent behavior of the car in all conditions, including in conditions of absolute offroad.


The layout of the bumper and the front space perfectly designed FMX: high clearance, short overhang, protected and quickly replaceable bumper. Over the visible bumper towing eye from cast iron with load capacity up to 32 t

This contributes to significant technological innovation – an electric motor with electronic control that works in tandem with the power steering. He is very sensitive and responds immediately to any signals, as its actions are governed by electronic control module with a frequency of several thousand times per second. The functionality of the new system difficult to describe by a few words, it was created based on the study of traumatic situations, and therefore may be useful in various conditions of the vehicle.

The stabilizer bar is now located inside the truck, which ensures complete safety from external damage and enhanced permeability.

According to one of the developers of the new rear air suspension Peter Frleta, designers are not looking for compromise solutions and did not look to other sectors, and because the result exceeded all expectations: thanks to the rear pneumatic suspension the new model turned out to be manoeuvrable and comfortable for driving, in both the Laden and unladen States of load. This ease I noticed at the presentation during the demo.

System for purification of exhaust gases of the engine is Euro 6

In addition to the General functionality of the suspension system allows you to adjust the height of the ground clearance, which together with the 300 mm clearance creates additional permeability. Air suspension works great with truck wheel formula 4×2, 6×4 and 8×4.

Inside the rear of the truck houses the stabilizer bar, due to which the construction machine is just superb stability when driving on rough terrain. All of the suspension components behind the truck’s last axle is fully protected.

If someone find this not enough, you can book a car 8×4 with a three-axle truck driven steering axle and hydraulic drive. This will significantly reduce tyre wear and makes it easy to maneuver heavy machinery in tight spaces. And if conditions are very complex, there is a possibility of raising the bow bridge and enhance the grip of the leader.

Unconditional power

Another feature of the new Volvo FMX is the automatic gearbox I-Shift combined with improved all wheel drive system All Wheel Drive. The reliability of the box-automatic I-Shift is so high that Volvo increased the oil change interval to 450 000 km. When maneuvering at low speeds transmission I-Shift convenient and useful in itself, and if the full drive is not needed, it can be used in conjunction with a leading front axle.

By the way, the system of front-wheel drive Volvo’s designers have also managed to improve. According to their statements, the life of the vehicle in off-road conditions has increased markedly. Compared to the previous generation of the FMX axle on the new building, the flagship moved 100 mm forward. Naturally, the length of the front overhang was reduced, and it is possible to increase the angle of entry. A tie rod was moved to a more sheltered place.

Presented at the exhibition “BAUMA 2013” the new Volvo FMX is equipped with engine capacity of 11 liters. In the outdoor area demonstrated a more powerful version with the engine D13. Engine power D11 spans the range from 330 to 450 HP, engine D13 – from 380 to 540 HP Both power units, which complement new construction machinery, comply with the environmental standard Euro 6.

To meet the Euro 6 engine is equipped with an uncooled exhaust gas recirculation system (EGR). This technology maintains optimum exhaust gas temperature and NOX levels for efficient additional neutralization. Under standard operating conditions particulate filter is automatically regenerated, and Volvo Trucks ‘ patented service solution for the filter saves time and reduces costs for the customer.

In connection with this immediately raised the question whether the machines delivered to Russia and with what engines. Experts of Volvo have given an unequivocal answer: Yes they will. For countries where there are additional environmental requirements, the trucks will be hybrid power units Euro 3, Euro 4 and Euro 5.