Cummins confirmed a course on the electrification of

The company is expanding activities in the field of electrification with the acquisition of the supplier of hybrid and electric powertrain company, Efficient Drivetrains. The closing of the transaction is expected in the third quarter.

The company has been developing power plants for the female hybrids and all-electric buses and trucks. In this direction plans to develop the Cummins in the future. Previously Cummins has also acquired the British company Johnson Matthey Battery Systems working on batteries, and the American Brammo.

“Cummins began to develop electric technology for more than ten years ago. Over the last 9 months it has increased investment in this business to increase market share, enhance the experience and increase the number of proposals that use electrical technology Cummins. The hybrid system Efficient Drivetrains is the most versatile on the market today. It is able in real time to switch between all-electric and hybrid variant, with four modes in the latter case,” – say representatives of the company.