Delphi invests in new capacitors for electric vehicles

Delphi Technologies PLC announced an investment in PolyCharge America Inc., which was created to commercialize the new capacitor technology.

This technology allows to make high-power converters more compact, lighter and more resistant to high temperatures.

The converter is a very important element of an electric vehicle designed to control an electric traction motor. Manufacturers of modern cars face problems associated with a lack of space in the engine compartment, weight and cost of electric motor power supplies. The new technology from PolyCharge eliminates these problems.

Liam Butterworth, CEO of Delphi Technologies, said: “These investments demonstrate our commitment to electric mobility and the attraction of new high technologies to solve the most difficult problems. Our strategy is to build strategic cooperation and investments that will support our growth ambitions and help our customers around the world provide more attractive cost-effective solutions for consumers. ”

Current DC converters use DC capacitors. Multi-level technology of the NanoLam capacitor from PolyCharge is an excellent alternative that uses thin polymeric dielectrics to create self-healing high-voltage capacitors, which are half the size of the current technology and have significantly higher thermal stability.

“When it comes to developing advanced engines, Delphi Technologies is a true leader,” said Dr. Angelo Yializ, CEO of PolyCharge. “Thanks to these investments and a strong partner, PolyCharge has good opportunities for developing next-generation capacitors for electric vehicles and other applications. This technology will reduce the weight and volume of components, as well as increase their performance in harsh environments. ”

Electric components of electric vehicle

Delphi Technologies was established as a branch of Delphi Automotive in December 2017 to make progress in more environmentally friendly solutions for passenger and commercial vehicles.

PolyCharge was founded by Sigma Technologies in September 2017 to develop and commercialize its NanoLam technology for electric drives, converters for renewable energy, medical, aerospace and industrial mobile applications. The company’s headquarters, engineering center and product development center are located in Tucson, Arizona. PolyCharge also has offices in Taipei and China.