Ground rollers BOMAG BW 212 D-40 BW 212 PD-40

First and foremost, the skating rink clay BW 212 D-40 used in the sealing polustanova and granular soil (gravel, sand, stone chips), and clay skating rink BW 212 PD-40 – during the compaction of the soil mixture with a high content of water. Both machines are indispensable when working on medium to large construction sites. The optimal amplitude and high frequency vibration device, and a large static linear load have a positive influence on the level of productivity at minimal cost for maintenance and prevention equipment.

The rear lid rollers has a conical shape that allows the surface treatment along the walls, curbs and roadsides without the risk of damage to the sealing layer. Rink clay BW 212 D-40 equipped with smooth drum, which easily becomes studded with the help of installation special details. Rink BW 212 PD-40 has a Cam roller, which is equipped with protrusions for compacting loose soil. The drums of both machines are equipped with special scrapers that prevent the buildup of soil particles on their surface during the working process.
Between the main housings and the rollers there is a considerable gap. This design allows the rollers to freely maneuver in tight spaces. Manufacturers make special emphasis on simplicity of data management rollers, to cope with that can even inexperienced user, because all the devices and their functions are described by the conventional symbols.

The operator provides a spacious cabin with full all-round visibility of the working space and external parts of the rollers. Waterproof and has a sunscreen protects the cabin from exposure to adverse weather conditions. It is worth noting that the operator almost does not feel the vibration while you are onsite, which makes exploitation of rollers is absolutely harmless to health.

Internal working bodies of ground rollers are protected from mechanical damage and contamination by a sealed housing made of sheet steel. EVIB measuring system evaluates the density of the compacted soil layer. When the maximum level of compaction on special displays display warning icons. The results of performed operations are stored in the system memory. Four-stage filters to prevent the ingress of low-quality fuel to the engine.Rear axle equipped with limited slip differentials that allow you to distribute the efforts between the wheels except their spin. An improved system of supply lubricating fluid substantially extends the life of the working bodies of the rollers.

Technical characteristics of ground rollers BW 212 D-40 BW 212 PD-40

Model BW 212 D-40 BW 212 PD-40
Working width, mm 2130 2130
Working weight, t 10,9 11,9
Static linear load, kg/cm 33,6
Manufacturer Deutz Deutz
Type BF4M 2012 C BF4M 2012 C
Power, kW 98 98
Rotation speed, rpm 2300 2300
The number of cylinders 4 4
Cooling water water
Fuel diesel diesel
Drive system hydrostatic hydrostatic
The service brake hydrostatic hydrostatic
Handbrake hydromechanical hydromechanical
Rollers and road wheels
Tire size 23.1-26/12PR 23.1-26/12PR
The number of projections on the Cam drum 150
The height of the projection of the Cam drum, mm 100
The area of the ledge of the Cam cylinder, cm2 137
Vibrating device
Drive system hydrostatic hydrostatic
The amplitude of vibrations, mm 1,80/0,95 1,70/0,86
Frequency, Hz 30/36 30/36
Centrifugal force kN 236/125 275/202
General characteristics
Movement speed, km/h 6 6
Working speed, km/h 10 10
Max. gradeability (without/with vibration) % 45/43 49/46
The turning radius of the rink on the outer contour of the track, mm 3494 3494
Fuel tank capacity, l 250 250
Compaction of the soil, m3/h
Stone chippings (layer thickness 0.70 m) 400-800 400-800
Gravel, sand (layer thickness 0.50 m) 270-540 270-540
The soil mixture (layer thickness 0.40 m) 220-440 220-440
Soft soil, clay (layer thickness of 0.20/0.25 m) 110-220 160-320