Hitachi is launching a new series of wheeled excavators Zaxis-5A

Hitachi Construction Machinery Eurasia is in new range of wheeled excavators three models: ZX170W-5A, ZX190W-5A, ZX210W-5A. They are designed to perform various tasks in construction projects, including work environments.

New wheeled excavators have an operating weight 16 800 kg to 21 600 lbs. lifting Capacity of these machines increased by 6% to ZX210W-5A and 7% for ZX170W-and ZX190W 5A-5A in comparison with the cars of the previous series Zaxis-3. Bucket capacity, depending on model is 0.6 – 0.9 m3.

The excavators Zaxis-5A mounted engine new generation Isuzu 152 HP, compliant with standard Tier 3, and the hydraulic system HIOS III. Their work together helps to ensure a higher level of performance with greater fuel efficiency compared to previous generation Zaxis-3. For example, in the model ZX210W-5A fuel consumption increased power decreased by 14%.

Fuel system-generation ZX-5A largely improved compared to the ZX-3, which greatly improves the reliability of the engine. In the Chinese market, where the fuel is of high quality, machine series ZX-5A available with 2013.During this time, engines with upgraded fuel system have established ourselves as a highly reliable and productive units.

All new models feature Power Boost: a temporary increase in power, which can be used to increase the digging force by 10% and keep it at this level to 8 seconds. This allows for quick and easy excavation.

The maximum speed of the excavator ZX170W-5A and ZX190W-5A 35 km/h, and ZX210W-5A – 27, 5 km/h.

Excavator cabin became more spacious: the operator can feel comfortable with a sufficient legroom and the wide doorway, and plenty of seat adjustments allows you to adjust the most comfortable position for work. The cabin is also equipped with air conditioning system, which has a positive effect on operator performance.

Thanks to the compact monitor, which now does not exceed the width of the side rails, an overview of the space to the right is not limited. New rear view camera provides a broader scope, covering almost all the space under the counterweight, allowing the operator to better control the work. In addition, the display simultaneously shows the image from the rear camera and the status lights systems. As a result, the operator is not distracted by switching the display modes and pays more attention to security.

Dustproof mesh is now placed on the outside of the air conditioning condenser and fuel cooler, which ensures even distribution of dust and simplifies cleaning.

Simplified maintenance procedures to minimize downtime. A number of simple functions allows to reduce the likelihood of unexpected exit of the machine. For example, a multifunctional control system displays on the monitor a wide range of important for the operator technical information: status and customize the operating system equipment, as well as the need for IT.

All three models of the new series of Zaxis-5A are now available to purchase from the official dealers of construction machinery Hitachi Construction Machinery Eurasia.


  ZX170W-5A ZX190W-5A ZX210W-5A
Rated engine power 113 kW / 152 HP 113 kW / 152 HP 113 kW / 152 HP
Operating weight 16800 – 18300 kg 18100 – 19800 kg 20100 – 21600 kg
Bucket capacity “heaped” ISO 0,6 – 0,7 m3 0,7 – 0,8 m3 0,8 – 0,9 m3
Digging force bucket*, ISO 108 kN (11000 kgf) 123 kN (12500 kgf) 158 kN (16100 kgf)
Max. movement speed 35 km/h 35 km/h 27.5 km/h
Max. digging radius** 9 050 mm 9 580 mm 10 170 mm
Max. digging depth** 5 330 mm 5 830 mm 6 290 mm

* In Power Boost mode

** complete with standard handle, available to order also shortened and elongated handle