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Caterpillar Tractor Co. was formed in 1925 as a result of the merger of Holt Manufacturing Company and C. L. Best Tractor Co. Its real name is Caterpillar Inc. – the company received in 1986.

The founders of the company are Benjamin Holt and Daniel Best. Holt is considered the inventor of the first serial tractor on caterpillar tracks – in 1904 he developed a car with a steam engine.

In the 40-ies. The range of Caterpillar products included motor graders, graders-elevators, terraces and power generators. Caterpillar crawler excavators began to be manufactured in the early 60’s. Being originally a manufacturer of large heavy machinery, in the 80’s. the company began entering the market of small-sized equipment. This happened after a sharp drop in sales during the global recession of the early 1980s, triggered by rising oil prices.

In 1996, in the face of increasing demand for rental, the company established, together with its dealers, a branch of the Cat Rental Store.

The production of Americans appeared on the Russian market already in 1913, when the caterpillar tractor developed by Benjamin Holt was awarded a gold medal in the plowing competition. Caterpillar continued its victorious march across Russia, which resulted in the opening in 1973 of a representative office in Moscow.

In 2000, the opening of the first plant in Russia – in Tosno, Leningrad region. The plant originally specialized in manufacturing components for large machines assembled at the company’s factories in Europe. In 2008, on the basis of the Russian enterprise, the production of Caterpillar excavators began.

Today, the American company has 4 regional offices in the CIS: in Moscow, Tosno (Leningrad region), Novosibirsk and Almaty.

Caterpillar currently offers more than 300 items. The company is the world leader in the production of construction and mining equipment, engines operating on natural gas and diesel fuel, as well as industrial gas turbines. Machines and components of Caterpillar are manufactured at 50 enterprises in the USA and 60 more factories in 23 other countries of the world. Special equipment rental services are provided under the brand name Cat Rental Store, and various financial alternatives for the purchase of equipment – through a specially created sales network Caterpillar – Cat Financial.

The Cat trade mark is the main public name of the company.

In the Russian market, the OC technology is also sold through the Caterpillar CIS network.

Sales of the company in 2010 amounted to $ 42.6 billion.

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