“Made in Russia” from American components. John Deere on the localization of production

At the bauma trade fair CTT RUSSIA, we learned from representatives of John Deere about the Russian production of motor graders launched last year

Site John Deere Domodedovo is carried out SKD Assembly of three models of motor graders: 672G, 772G and 872G. Capacity of the Russian plant is ready to produce about 200 of graders annually. This performance covers the current needs: this year the company plans to produce about 150 units, and another about 200. But if the demand on the Russian market will grow, the company is ready to collect and more.

In fact, today the only difference is collected of graders equipment from the American production is the sign “Made in Russia”: all components come from abroad. The price of cars remains unchanged.


One factor, which acts as a limiter for the localization of production, – database of local suppliers. We always consider the local producers (from metal, metal products, buckets and ending technically more complex units). But we face two issues: the first is the quality of John Deere, the second, which is often even more important – the volumes of deliveries. Not all companies are willing to provide the required amount of appropriate quality.

Stanislav Pak, marketing Manager:

– John Deere has a whole team called “supply group”. In the direct responsibilities of these people is to search for suppliers for road construction and agricultural equipment, they go to all possible enterprises carry out their audit and examine the final product. But finding suppliers who meet the standards of John Deere. As soon as the level of quality of domestic suppliers will achieve the desired straps, of course, the localization of production of graders is going to happen.

Graders in the United States and Russia: what’s the difference?

On the American market is quite a low percentage of use front (dozer) blade: they have the front part of the machine I prefer to hang a counterweight or scarifier. As we have told in the company, Russia is opposed, too, sometimes bought, but the use of scarifiers no. This is due to the differences in the approaches: we have after dump truck bringing material and pours it, the initial repulsion of the heap is performed by a grader with dozer blade. While in America use small bulldozers and grader acts as a finishing machine.

When sites comes appliances in Russia?

Currently, John Deere has two main plant in North America for the production of road construction equipment (in the cities of Dubuque and Davenport). With these platforms in Russia is exported backhoe loaders, skid steer loaders, wheel loaders heavy class, dump trucks, forestry equipment. The company also has sites in China and Brazil’s own the John Deere factories, which were built from scratch. Chinese production combines the sites for the production of front loaders, excavators, small engines and agricultural tractors, the production is intended for markets of Russia, Asia and Oceania. Speaking of logging equipment, opened factories in Finland and Canada.And, of course, Russia, the company has plants in Domodedovo and Orenburg for the production of agricultural equipment and graders.

Unlike SKD graders in Domodedovo, China has the production of these types of equipment of a full cycle. “In Orenburg, we also work with plant/agricultural machinery full cycle. Issues build quality is not there, all the processes we have established. But it’s not in the processes and components in China has all major component manufacturers, and the quality is no different from us, “- explained Stanislav Pak.

Equipment for pits and confined spaces

At the exhibition CONEXPO 2015 guide John Deere made a global announcement that the company intends to develop career direction. He was then shown a 40-ton bulldozer John Deere 1050 (already delivered to Russia) and the loader model 944. In addition, last month saw the release of a 40-ton excavator, which in Russia has also received. Here you can also noted that along with the road construction companies, the manufacturer notes the increase in demand for their graders from clients of the career industry.Also today, this type of equipment is used in the forest industry (for construction and maintenance of roads).

Another segment – mini-appliances. In late summer or autumn we have presented an extended range of mini-loaders: there will be a new model, which will decrease the pitch between machines (we are talking about capacity and tonnage). Also before the end of the year, the company plans to start selling small graders (models 620-622 G series).

Future easing operators ‘ technology

According to representatives of John Deere, the entire automation, which introduces the company, are intended to simplify the operator’s work. As example, the electronic system installed on the excavators: the pump control is via the electronics, which further calculates data and in accordance therewith adjusts the power. The result is smoothed errors that can prevent a novice driver.And to optimize the operation of forestry equipment has a function IBC (Intellectual Boom Control), through which control and boom and stick occurs simultaneously with a single joystick. The machine automatically arranges working equipment, depending on the remoteness of the wood.

John Deere also actively works with companies that produce leveling of the system (the partners include leading manufacturers Topcon, Trimble and Leica). And currently work is underway in the direction of integration: substantive preparations for the installation of these systems will be performed at the factory.