Recalls Isuzu Giga Japanese

The company announced a review 7413 trucks Giga because of the threat of fuel leakage. In opinion included Isuzu Giga made in the period from may 25, 2017 may 24, 2018.

At the end of last week, Isuzu notified the Japanese Ministry of land, infrastructure and transport, noting that the cause was a malfunction of the fuel hose. The manufacturer notes that the design of the fuel system failed, because of this, the fuel hose may result in excessive voltage that will cause the formation of cracks. In the end of the fuel hose can burst and fuel leak. This entails a potential risk of ignition.

Service centers will be replaced with fuel system components, causing excessive voltage of the fuel hose including mounting brackets, pipes, fuel system and fuel hose.

To date, Isuzu is aware of five cases of breakdowns Giga related failure of the fuel hose. They did not lead to accidents or accidents.