The mobile crusher of stone rubble

Mobile crusher and mobile (self-propelled) crushing systems stone due to its undeniable number of advantages have become ubiquitous today to replace outdated equipment for crushing hard rocks of stone rubble. The main feature compared with the stationary crushing and screening plant is mobility, which allows at any time to change the location of the equipment in the most cost-effective treatment place rocks. Let’s take a closer look at the purpose, application, main technical characteristics, variety, and price of the mobile crushers.

Mobile crusher stone gravel

Purpose and use

Mobile (portable) crusher or entire systems is designed to provide crushed stone and gravel deployed construction site located at a very great distance from each other, or in places where their use is economically feasible. They include aggregates for crushing blasted rock (solid) rocks, boulders, concrete and its derivatives, as well as a variety of construction scrap.

Special units are mounted on the frame mobile trailer trucks or database crawler. Consider crushing equipment works well directly in the quarry, on a construction site or near the site of the dismantling of the old (dilapidated) buildings and structures both fully Autonomous and in a crushing and sorting complex. In the pictures below you can see a typical example of equipment for crushing system of the company Parker Plant.

Mobile tracked crusher Parker Plant

Types of crushers

Like many other special equipment mobile crushing plant have their differences in design structure, and method of their work. So, they differ in:

  1. Applied installation of technological process of crushing of stone rubble. Today there are several types of treatment cycles hard rock – fully closed, open, and recycling.
  2. The type of the used power unit of the drive. There are units with electric drive, electric driven, diesel, hydraulic, and various combinations of the above-described types.
  3. Type mounted chassis, which makes complex mobile. Special units can be mounted on wheeled, tracked, and ski chassis type (brackets). Say more that there are self-propelled mobile crusher which move from object to object with a special tractor.

The type of crushing unit installed in the mobile unit are distinguished:

  • jaw;
  • cone;
  • hammer;
  • rotary;
  • and centrifugal.

Although the crushing equipment are many, yet the greatest dissemination and application received crushing plants which includes cone and jaw system crushing of stone rubble.

Photos of working units are the cone, impact, jaw and hammer mill crushers can be viewed below, and the principle of operation of each of them we described earlier on our web portal.

I would like to mention that the equipment may consist of 1 separate system located on one of the chassis types (varieties which were considered above). In this system of equipment includes units for conversion for the processing of solid rock, namely:

  • transportation system rocks;
  • system grohochenija;
  • the system of sorting of stones;
  • aggregates crushing in crushed stone;
  • warehousing system.

And equipment may be spread over multiple chassis called the complex. Depending on the modifications of mobile combined crushing complex for each mobile, the system performs only one of the functions of the entire cycle of processing hard stone.

Main technical characteristics of mobile crushers

Let’s consider the main technical characteristics which are inherent to most mobile crushers. Just below we present the summarized information by characteristics.

Engineering-technical equipment of the crusher are integrated with a special machine, which can simplify the processing and to remove from the production cycle a few technical machines. This significantly reduced the cost and time of processing.

A fairly high landing pad and most of the modifications of the full width of the special unit is a little less transportable semi-trailers or trucks. A fairly small turning radius and ease of movement as their own, and trailers allows us to conclude that mobile crusher technical units are maneuverable and easy to use for its intended purpose. All of the above allows you to quickly deploy Assembly in operating position on almost any terrain.

When selecting crusher is needed to predict in advance what the maximum size piece of material is chosen it. What fraction of aggregate should be the output and what is its maximum performance. After that, determine the type of the crushing unit. Characteristics very much, so later we will try to publish a number of articles on the most popular mobile rotary crushers, jaw, cone and hammer mill types processing of raw materials.

Example of mobile crushing station

Price mobile crusher and the cost of rent

New mobile crusher is not cheap, the minimum price for this mobile equipment starts from 30 thousand rubles. Depending on the manufacturer, configuration, and performance price can reach hundreds of millions of rubles.

On earlier sites where you can choose a good equipment of b/u at affordable prices such plants are for crushing you can buy for more than 10 million rubles. The price affects producer, technical condition, time and year of production.

Such technological equipment can be hired in rent. Basically the owners of the crushers charge by the hour or pay for one shift of work. In the Russian Federation, rent 1st hour mobile crusher starts from 5000 rubles, the lessor assigns the minimum threshold of operation, for example 30 days. Rental the same work shift starts from 40000 rubles. In any case, all these points are discussed as the signing of the lease contract and the price of which is optimal as the client representative services machinery.