The most rare and valuable machinery in the world

Unique machinery — heroes and the titans are back on the Earth

In the modern age of scientific and technological progress in the world every year there are new types of machinery. They facilitate human life, without them, none of the economic activity. Some of them are quite familiar. But some kinds of machinery ordinary people will never see it. And can live for years, not even knowing about their existence. The design of these giants and monsters the best world experts spend entire years of my life.

Rare instances of special equipment

The most rare and expensive equipment in the world is produced in small batches, often only a couple of instances. It is divided into:

  • Mining;
  • Loading, construction, road;
  • Airfield and railway;
  • Polar and fire;
  • Agricultural and forestry;
  • And separately, are all-terrain vehicles and amphibious.

Giants quarries, industries and large-scale construction projects

The most expensive construction, road and loading machines often impress with its size and technical characteristics. Their closest relatives may be necessary in the city. But the narrow range of works and a great price is not allow you to purchase such machinery for small industries.

Dozer the giant Komatsu D575A-3 as a two-storey house (7,40 m) and weigh 152 so That the Japanese model is still the biggest in the world. For the construction of skyscrapers or power plants perfect with a huge crane. Boom Liebherr LR 13000 raises a weight of 3000 tons to a height of 144 meters.
Is characterized by its power and Chinese saidalieva mobile unit DTZ Titan 360. She works quickly and silently, like a true Titan.

Monstrous sizes differ crawler transporters for transportation of rockets and space shuttles. These self-propelled platform NASA built only in two copies. Mining machines are often characterized by their power. Dump truck BelAZ-75710 never leaves the confines of the development. This hero is able to lift a weight of 500 tons, and this figure is among the record holders of the Guinness book.

Real giant giant looks the biggest land machine — the Bagger 293. This bucket wheel excavator has a mass of 14,000 tons per day and moves 240 thousand cubic meters of rock. Loader LeTourneau L-2350 with ease lifts 70 tons to a height of 14 meters. He’s the biggest in the world and has a weight of 260 t

Giant moving jaw crusher Metso Lokotrack ET200 weight of 800 tonnes delicately chewing on stones with a diameter of over one meter. Huge machinery also breaks and for transportation you need a true giant. Tow truck BelAZ-74306 easily tow any 200-ton dump truck.

Where work these monsters can be unbearable conditions for the defenseless human body. Heat, severe frosts, a huge underground depth, or, conversely, a grandiose height. And some representatives of such machinery for years without shut off the motor, not to stay permanently in the Arctic. People respect these cars and admire them. Without them it is impossible.