Top 10 most dangerous roads in the world

Very often we complain about the condition of roads in Russia, but in the world there are roads much more terrible and dangerous than in our country. The most dangerous roads in the world represent an incredible sight: opens, turns, sharp climbs and sudden descents can appear as if from nowhere. Let’s find out what 15 ways should avoid not only for beginners but also experienced drivers.

1. The road on Tianmen mountain, China

Also known as the Road to “Heavenly gate”, because it is believed that all who visited Tianmen mountain, touched the sky. However, in order to do this, you must overcome a very difficult path. Mountain road Tianmen mountain is considered the most dangerous road in China. Built from 1998 to 2006, the road has 99 bends, the distance between which varies between 200 and 1300 meters. The road was built in just 8 years and is considered the most dangerous in the world.Those who do not want to risk his life to use such a route can enjoy a cable car ride from Zhangjiajie straight to the top of Tianmen mountain.

2. Millau Viaduct, France

This engineering marvel — one of the highest bridges in the world, the longest of the pillars is equal to 343 meters, which even exceeds the height of the Eiffel tower. The height of the bridge on the ground is 270 meters. Thanks to the giant viaduct that stretches above the tar river valley, made possible high-speed traffic from Paris to béziers. The construction of the bridge cost the country a whopping 400 million euros, a viaduct was built over 3 years and was opened in December 2004. The bridge was immediately recognized as one of the greatest technical achievements.The Millau viaduct is very popular among tourists and is included in the list of the most interesting sights of France. Especially incredibly the bridge looks in cloudy weather, when the clouds gather under construction. It seems like the viaduct hanging in the air and has no support.

3. Trollstigen, Norway

Norway enters the list of countries with the most dangerous roads due to the “Ladder of trolls”. The road is located between mountain peaks in the region of Westland. This beautiful mountain road was opened in 1936 after eight years of construction and became a popular attraction of the country. Along the way there are several viewing platforms, offering incredible views. Steep slope and 11 turns “Ladder of trolls” that are fenced off from the precipice only by a low fence made of natural stone will make your heart is racing, but only in the spring and summer months.In winter and autumn the road is closed due to weather conditions.

4. Mountain tunnel Guoliang, China

High in the mountains taihan located once isolated from the rest of the world village, which can be reached only by treacherous dangerous path runs along the edge of the mountain. In 1972, some villagers decided to change the situation, a breakthrough of tunnel road in mountain, working with only hand tools and not having any experience in construction work. The implementation of the plan took five years and one life, but the movement of cars was launched in 1977.Today it is an attractive place for thrill seekers that ignores the fact that it’s a makeshift tunnel dug in the mountain with his hands.

5. Eshim Ohashi Bridge, Japan

Despite the fact that the secret of impressing photo of this bridge lies in the calibrated angles, you can’t ignore how strange it is. Built in 2004, the bridge was designed so high that under it could be a huge court. In addition, Eshim Ohashi is the world’s third largest concrete bridge. At first glance it seems that the top of the bridge can be compared to trying to climb the vertical wall. In fact, the angle of the bridge is only 6% on one side and 5% on the other hand, fully able to overcome the driver with little experience.

6. Seven mile bridge, USA

This road is one of the most famous landmarks in America and one of the brightest in the list of the most dangerous and spectacular roads in the world. The history of this building begins in 1909, but the bridge gained in the period from 1978 to 1982. The bridge is one of the symbols of Florida (after Mickey mouse) and has been used in several movies and television series such as “License to kill”, “True lies”, “furious” and “Mission impossible 3”. The incredible engineering design that stretches over the open sea, connects the Florida Keys and the island of knights Key.To date seven mile bridge is the longest in America.

7. The Sani Pass, South Africa and Lesotho

Incredible pass, the Sani Pass is the highest mountain pass in South Africa, it starts at a height of 1544 metres above sea level and rises to a height of 2876 meters. Stretching 9 kilometres from Underberg, KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa and to Mokhotlong in Lesotho, the road requires a very reliable car and extreme caution of the driver. Moving along the route, drivers can watch the “remains” of other cars — a vivid reminder of how important it is to be careful on the road.

8. Pass Los Caracoles, Chile

Due to the huge number of incredible turns pass Los Caracoles has the nickname of “Snail pass.” Route from Argentine city Mendoza to the capital of Chile Santiago is one of the most difficult in the world, not every driver can decide to drive this road. Steep slopes of Los Caracoles covered with snow, most of the time require a lot of patience and superb driving skills. This, however, does not stop truck drivers and even a bunk of the tour buses who have to run here every day.

9. The bridge Sibha, China

Suspension bridge over the river Sidehe has a length of 1222 meters and crosses the picturesque valley. The length of the suspension is 900 metres away. Looking at the photo of this bridge is breathtaking and just an incredible feeling waiting for the one lucky enough to drive through it. Until 2016, the bridge over Sidehe was the highest bridge in the world, it is situated at a height of 488 meters above the precipice. The bridge is so long that when the building for the first time in the history of the transfer of the first load-bearing cables used missiles.

10. Yungas Road, Bolivia

Nicknamed death Road, Yungas road is considered to be the most unsafe and deadliest road in the world. To go this route is extremely dangerous for life. In 2006 was published the news that this road takes 200-300 lives per year, in addition, more than 30 cars and buses to crash or even fall into the abyss every year. The most tragic accident occurred in the summer of 1983 – fell into the abyss of a passenger bus that claimed the lives of over 100 people. Yungas road was built in the 1930s during the war, construction work was attended by Paraguayan prisoners from the prisons. Most of the route has a width of only 3.5 meters, but some sections of the road are so narrow that with difficulty passing even one car, hanging a wheel over the precipice. One wrong maneuver could send the car with all the passengers straight into the abyss, with an average altitude of over 600 meters.Despite missing some places the paving and fencing, the possibility of a collapse or landslide, as well as various bans, the road has become a major extreme entertainment for those who love the thrill of cyclists, at least 18 of which are killed every year on this road.