Tourists — in body: in Austria, anyone can ride on dumpers

I think the dump truck is a utilitarian thing, all of life which passes under the load of rocks in the quarries? Of course, it is, but as it turned out, there is an exception! In the Austrian town of Erzberg is acting career. And you can even visit with a guided tour. And as buses for tourists in its territory are two redesigned dump truck!

This is a must see! In the body of the 75-ton giants, built by Haulpak in the late 80-ies of the last century (now the firm absorbed by the mining giant Komatsu), organized by the real passenger cabins with flat floors, roof and seats. Above the cabs are equipped with a special area-balconies with railings, where during the stops you can go for a better overview.

Of course, in order to avoid premature fast disembarkation of passengers, the system for lifting-lowering of the body on a tour of the giants is disabled. The entrance is through a door in the stern, and the process of landing, the landing resembles that of a plane at the airport. A giant “bus” backwards jewelry (apparently with the help of a rear view camera) is parked to the “dock” installed at a height of several meters above the ground. It leads to the stairs, where tourists get on Board.

However, the truck and a spare “ladder.” And the body transitions, you can reach the level of the cab. Accommodates tourist “bus” 62 people, for which there are several routes of different length and length — on one of the tours you can even see in the career of a potentially explosive atmosphere.

On such excursions often come a group of students from the surrounding settlements: a trip in the back of the 860-strong giant — strong and good impression for the kids! While to the public the cost of the trip, of course, solid, but not extraordinary. So, a short hour trip in the back of the 860-strong dump truck for an adult will cost 18 euros, and the longest 4.5-hour tour with entrance to underground mines is 49 euros.