Tractor T-25: description, specifications, device, reviews

Four-wheel rear-wheel drive universal tractor T-25 drawbar category 6 was first produced in 1966 for the needs of agriculture, construction companies and utilities “Kharkov tractor plant”. Subsequently, his production line was moved to the Vladimir tractor factory in 1972. This model became widely known in Russia and Abroad as vladimirets.

Overview of the tractor T-25 vladimirec

The purpose and features

Versatile and compact wheeled unit is designed to run on mechanization of hard works in agricultural sector:

  • preparation for planting;
  • soil fertilizer;
  • the organization of irrigation;
  • cultivation of plants;
  • the preparation of the fields to the processing chemicals;
  • harvesting;
  • hay;
  • activities for the creation and cultivation of vineyards, orchards and greenhouses.

The photo below shows the prototype of the tractor T-25 vladimirets.

Also this type of tractor machinery can perform the following activities:

  • transportation and loading-unloading works;
  • work in the field of road construction;
  • services and utilities at cleaning of roads, driveways and grounds sweeper brush and mounting otvorenim unit;
  • with the use of the pulling device stationary machines;
  • when performing construction works, etc.

The distinctive features of this model include:

  1. Finding the power unit with the cooling air at the front of the unit, providing ease of access for repair and maintenance.
  2. A wide range of applications various accessories for specific purpose.
  3. Different diameter wheels front smaller diameter, the rear is increased in accordance with the load at constant force effects on the axle.
  4. Start the engine from the cab.
  5. The ability to adjust ride height for handling crops of different height.
  6. Changing the length of the longitudinal base to increase the stability of the unit.
  7. Adjusting wheel gauge width in accordance with a distance between rows of cultivated crops.

The tractor T-25

This model of machinery has not only much in common with the design of the powertrains in this class, but also its own characteristics. Consider the tractor T-25 vladimirec more details.

Power transmission

The mechanical operation of the tractor presents box switch and reverse gear unit bevel differential cross axle and main transmission.

The principle of operation of the device single-plate dry type is as follows: the rotational force of the engine is transferred by the transmission to the side gears of the rear wheels, causing the movement of equipment.

The number of transmissions is six reversible steps, which corresponds to the speed of twenty kilometers per hour.

Gear final drive single stage are on the side mechanisms brakes placed at an angle of ninety degrees to the axis of the tractor. Changing the location of fixing of the main gear with side brake, you can achieve a width adjustment of the wheelbase and ground clearance.

Tractor engine

The engine of the tractor T-25 air cooling are presented in diesel performance. The power plant includes two vertical four-stroke cylinders. The motor has the equipment:

  • system start-up of the starter motor with the decompression mechanism and replaceable spark;
  • variable speed mechanical speed controller;
  • the integrated lubrication system of the engine parts with lubricating oil, spraying it under pressure of the gear pump;
  • regeneration system oil mixture from contamination by the filter and sump filter with replaceable cartridges;
  • beznadejnoe cooling device with the air delivered by the axial fan operation, which is located on the shaft of the generator;
  • three-stage air cleaning system;
  • bessmertnye closed nozzle;
  • feeder DT with single piston pump;
  • acrophase muffler.
An example of a tractor T-25

Suspension system

The drive axle of the tractor and rear wheel drive tires provide movement of the equipment. Management and definition of the position vector of the stroke are located on the front of a small (5,5-16) wheels. The change of gauge parameters is possible in range from one to five feet, ground clearance – 0,308-0,515 meters.

The movement of the front axle in vertical and horizontal directions is achieved by mounting the tubular shaft to the axis of the articulated bracket.

The steering device is represented by an inclined steering column comprising from the column control, steering wheel, gears, shaft, bevel and worm. Turning movements occur during the transmission of efforts on the worm pair cushion bipod, the bipod and the bottom rotary thrust.

Brake system – a floating band brake on each wheel of the rear axle which are controlled by foot pedals, or both.

Hydraulic system

A unified control system to hydraulically represented by a handle, transmitting the impact of the ball coupling of the engine flywheel, the rotating shafts of the device. The pump unit is fixed.

Position the slide valve of the two valves regulate the flow of liquid by the following: uphill, downhill, neutral, floating position.

Tractor T-25 because of its simplicity of execution is the optimal ratio of price-quality in this regard, this technique is well-loved among the population of our vast country.


The working mechanism of a hydraulic lift is located on the metal frame of the tractor T-25 vladimirec and consists of a power cylinder thrust double-acting lifting device, a hydraulic mechanism, the point of attachment of the hinge rod.

The revolving plows, cultivators, trailers, dozer, etc. – the list of possible forward-mounted equipment of this model is quite wide.

The unit is compatible with the following types of mechanisms:

  • trailer single axle SS-2.0;
  • loader front steps KUN;
  • baler;
  • air seeder grain;
  • hrazovoe device FN-1,2;
  • Hillers window and CON;
  • potato Bulwa-1;
  • cultivator;
  • segment braid;
  • scythe of rotor rotation;
  • the device works on the blade;
  • plow cast body;
  • sweeping brush.

The hinged unit provides the following:

  • instant docking technique with mounted and polonaises equipment;
  • jump to the working condition of the vehicle;
  • the installation of the Executive of the guns to the desired position.
tractor T-25


Steel case Assembly tractor T-25 equipped with lighting, mirrors, heating systems and ventilation air is sufficient to review the working zone of the glass area.

The carrier portion is represented by two half-frames, rear axle, clutch and transmission clutch. Pokesona pendant mounted, with the goal of doubling of wheels. The tires installed lugs for the possibility of increasing the patency of the tractor.

Major modifications

Today the tractor T-25 has several versions with minor differences from the basic model. Consider some of them:

  • T-25А2 – has a little weight by replacing the metal hulls on the canvas in order to achieve greater functionality of the machine;
  • T-25А3 – on the contrary, equipped with additional elements of the frame of the cockpit designed to enhance the security of the driver in the event of a rollover unit;
  • T-25K – has a higher ground clearance you need when working in the fields with tall crops.

Technical characteristics of the tractor T-25

Feature Figure
Total weight, t 1,5
Maximum speed, km/h 15
Engine type Diesel D-120 (D-21A)
The power plant, HP. 25
Fuel consumption per hour, g/HP*h 164,3
Displacement of groups of cylinders, l 2,08
Device salenia Single-plate dry clutch
The PTO (PTO), rpm./min. 540
Transmission Mechanical reversing mobile carriages
Number of gears: forward / backward 8 / 6
The brake Tape, floating type
Tank volume, l 45
Volume of hydraulic tank, l 7,5
Track width, front / rear, m 1,2-1,4 / 1,2-1,47
Implement width, m 1,37-1,46
Long aggregate, m 2,82
Unit height, m 1,31

Owner reviews

A wide range of types of work generates a positive reaction among the users of this model. Despite small power, it has high productivity, good maneuverability, reliability, ease of use, operation and picky in the choice of lubricants and diesel fuel.

Positive feedback was earned also thanks to the possibility of a long drive in reverse without losing traction and without reducing speed.

Among the disadvantages it should be noted faults in starting and running the engine at low temperatures of the external environment associated with the device of the air cooling system.

Problem machine is a crankshaft failure which is not subject to restoration and require the write-off of the device to stock.

When using a mounted plow operation is possible only on light soils because of the insufficient power of the model.

Despite the small number of “cons” for the owners is appealing a large list of advantages and low price of equipment, ensuring constant demand for tractor T-25 on the secondary market.