Volvo updates the loaders H-Series

The company has introduced a renewed lineup of the Volvo H-Series 2.0. Wheel loaders received a new transmission and the hydraulic system is load-sensing.

As noted by Volvo upgrade provides reduced cycle times, better fuel efficiency and enhanced performance for models L150H, L180H, L220H and L260H. These trucks are designed for a wide range of tasks.

In Volvo noted that the “most significant changes” have affected a new transmission “with a short stroke between gears” and a new torque Converter with a custom lock”. The new transmission come with Volvo OptiShift technology, which allows you to customize the locking, and uses the function Reverse-By-Braking with lock-up torque Converter. Now loaders H-Series 2.0 will be more efficient at low speeds and have a more rapid and smooth acceleration, handling has also improved.The hydraulic system has increased sensitivity, improved speed of lifting and lowering of the loader bucket, capacity increased by about 10% compared with the Volvo loaders G-Series.

The function of the alignment of the bucket which allows the bucket automatically return to its previous position after the reset content. Load Assist system is optional and keeps track of the amount of material moved in real time, displaying information on a 10-inch touch screen.

Completes the list of updates, improving fuel efficiency up to 15%, which was achieved with the new gearboxes, hydraulic system and other minor improvements.